What We Do


Our Programs

HKT/CGF programs are designed to improve health, fitness, and the quality of life offering the required fitness, health, and nutrition content. We address environmental factors such as: lack of access to full-service grocery stores, increasing costs of healthy foods and the lower cost of unhealthy foods, and lack of access to safe places to play and exercise. These factors all contribute to the increase in obesity rates by inhibiting or preventing healthy eating and active living behaviors. The program has a proven track record of having a positive impact on the physical, cognitive, and attitudinal attributes of students.

Get Fit and Live Healthy Training

Get Fit and Live Healthy Training encompasses health, nutrition, and fitness training for youth ages 2 to 19 conducted at a community location. The program is primarily conducted at school and community locations, for a 12-week period. The program in-school or after-school program provides students an environment they use creativity to express themselves in making healthier choices through health education, nutritional games, and fitness activities such as: kickboxing, circuit training, dancing, strength training, and walking exercises.

The program format includes students’ who will: 

  • Actively participate in all facets of the program, physically, mentally, and emotionally 
  • Receive interactive lecture and discussion from certified trainers  and nutrition experts 
  • Engage in peer interaction to motivate and encourage one another towards success 
  • Personally identify with a curriculum specifically based on fitness, health and nutrition 

Culinary Training and Demonstrations

HKT provides culinary exposure, training, and live food cooking demonstrations.

The team is led by veteran Executive Chef with 38+ years of experience. Students and  families are versed in strategies to prepare healthier options of food staples in which they are familiar.

Students are educated and explore career possibilities available through the culinary arts. In response to community feedback ,a family cookbook series has been developed, 10 Ways to Family Cooking Cookbook Series.