Who We Are


Our Story

Healthy Kids & Teens, Inc. was founded in 2006 for the purpose of fighting childhood obesity. HKT is a recognized health training program for youth ages 2-19.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and assist America’s youth in living healthier lives.

Our focus has been in areas impacted by a disproportionate burden of illness especially those attributed to the social determinants of health. Our organization has served over 20,000 youth providing health, fitness, and nutrition training in after school programs, student assembly trainings, in-class room trainings, and summer day camp programs.


Our Vision

The HKT/CGF vision is to expand our reach for the purposes of addressing the high prevalence of overweight and obesity and its resulting chronic illnesses.

Our intent is to impact changes in behaviors of our target populations towards prevention health interventions and embrace a data-informed approach to change the social determinants that reinforce health disparities.

Our core session strategies provide exploration and demonstrations for a healthy lifestyle with the element of fun, normalizing and de-stigmatizing healthy behaviors.

Our Goals

The HKT/CGF program goals are to provide coordination of 21 comprehensive physical activities and nutrition education components to maximize understanding, application, and practice of the knowledge and skills learned so that all participates will be fully physically and nutritionally educated for a lifetime of physical activity and health wellness.